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Contact Us Today! ACRA - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy ACRA - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy

•  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology One (Basic)

•  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Two (Intermediate)

•  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Three
   (Intermediate / Advanced)

•  Diploma in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Technology Four)

•  Electrical One (Basic / Intermediate)

•  Electrical Two (Intermediate)

•  Installation, Maintenance & Repair of Split, Console & Window    Units

•  Basic Automotive Air Conditioning

•  Duct Erection

•  Scaffolding (Including Usage, Erection & Inspection)

 BMS Control Systems

•  Refrigeration Pipework Installations

•  Polyethylene/Aluminium Composite Plastic Refrigerant Tubing

•  Drain Piping for HVAC&R

•  Steel Piping Installation (pertaining to HVAC&R industry)

•  Duct Work Installation

•  Duct Work Manufacturing

•  Pipe Grooving Course

•  Evaporative Cooling Installation/Commissioning

•  Evaporative Cooling Sizing/System Selection/Design Aspects

•  Pipework

•  Welding, Brazing & Cutting

•  Hydrocarbon Safety Course (Domestic, Light Commercial    Refrigeration)

•  Domestic Refrigeration

•  First Aid Level 1

•  First Aid Level 2 & 3

•  Fire Fighting

•  merSETA Apprenticeship - Refrigeration Mechanic (Industrial &    Commercial)

•  merSETA Learnership - National Certificate in Air Conditioning,    Refrigeration & Ventilation Level 2, 3 & 4

•  SAQCC/SARACCA Authorised Refrigeration Practitioner Course
   (Safe Handling)

•  SAQCC/SARACCA Authorised Refrigeration Practitioner

•  Trade Test Preparation – Refrigeration Mechanic

•  Trade Test Assessment – Refrigeration Mechanic

Courses / Skills Programs Available:

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Four (Diploma Section)

Technology Four (Diploma)

Entry Requirements:

All candidates must have completed Technology 1, Technology 2, Technology 3, Electrical 1, Electrical 2, Electrical 3 & Safe Handling + Technology 4 (Diploma)


Advanced in depth aspects of air conditioning and refrigeration, including central plant A/C, mechanical and electrical procedures applicable to the industry.


Includes the retrofitting process and heat load calculations as well as psychometrics and mollier diagrams. Although this is an in-depth course the level is within the artisans/technicians scope of work. This course is very popular with the medium to large corporate client managing a central plant, ducted or indirect system, with persons wishing to have an in-depth understanding of the trade.

Examples of Skills:

Central plant air conditioning, advanced fault finding using mollier diagrams and heat load calculations. Psychometrics, air flow rates and balancing, determination and calculation of ventilation rates, air changes per hour, humidity, maintenance schedules, burn out procedures and acid testing. Properties of air, humidification, calculations involving heat and mass transfer. Air flow measurements, air changes, flow rates, duct balancing, define operating parameters, refrigerant blends, temperature glide, operational faults and remedial action. Detailed practical mollier chart application, determination of plant capacity, C.O.P., compression ratios, super heat and sub-cooling, mass flow, etc.


10 days, Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 15:00

Full Diploma (75 days/15 weeks) (includes: T1, T2, E1, E2, SH, T3, E3 and T4)



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